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Do you ever have those moments when creativity and inspiration feel like they’re just flooding your mind? Personally, I rarely do! Actually, up until last year I would have NEVER considered myself an overly  “creative” person. I’ve always had a hard time thinking out-of-the-box, I don’t really daydream, and I tend to like facts. Sometimes though, I’ll have those moments and it might be inspired by a song, a picture, or a conversation and I’ll suddenly want to channel my inner creativity. Tonight was one of those nights.  While at the gym, this oldie came on & I couldn’t wait to post it on the blog. Could very well be my new anthem!



‘Bully’ Trailer

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“I Do a Great Job”

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Happy Tuesday!

I received this email from a girl named Isa last week. Isa is a teenager from Germany who runs an anti bullying Twitter account with a few people she met online (check it out here: @TogetherVSBullying). Her email was short and sweet, but what stuck with me the most was that Isa was able to clearly acknowledge all the good she’s doing to help others with her anti bullying account. Believe it or not, keeping a positive frame of mind and telling herself that she’s doing a great job will definitely help Isa as she continues to focus on being strong.  Everyone and anyone can feel ignored (I still remember feeling that way at times in high school), but I think Isa should know that she’s shining in a BIG way by helping others who are doing through similar things.

Please support Isa by going to her anti bullying Twitter account @TogetherVSBullying.

Hey Jessica, I am a 16 year old school student from Germany that has a lot of experience with bullying and rents an anti bullying account on twitter, @TogetherVSBullying, you might know it.

I rent it with longolisa, ohmyswagger and tyqahbulzay.
I was bullied from 6 till 8 grade and now people ignore me. I am in therapy because of it and i try to focus and to stay strong. I have amazing support from my friends and from my online friends and I do a great job by renting this anti bullying account.
I hope you can mention us and support us,it would mean the world too me ;)
Please tweet us and help us to fight against bullying :D


Sticks and Stones

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Alyssa is a great person I connected with via Twitter. Through emailing about jury duty obligations, classes, and days off from school, we discovered that we had gone to the same university! While I’ve graduated, Alyssa is studying to become a teacher. As you’ll read in her post, she is looking forward to having her own classroom to take a stand against bullying in. Please check out Alyssa’s story below!

They say, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

This is not true.
Words, it was words that hurt me.

Hi, my name is Alyssa. I was bullied and verbally harassed from third grade through high school for being overweight. The words and actions that were said and done to me all those years will always hurt and I will still cringe when I hear the names of those select few people that brought me my hardest days. I can vividly remember the stall in the girl’s second floor bathroom where I ate lunch several days freshman year because I did not want a certain group of people seeing me eat. Even to this day, I will not change in front of a mirror because I am disgusted with the person that is looking back at me. At the time, I was scared to tell someone and kept all my feelings, everything that was said inside. Now that I am older, I regret it. Even my family and closest friends were not aware of what was going on and believed excuses when I looked down. If you are being bullied, hear my story and get help…tell someone…put an end to it. You deserve to be accepted for who you are no matter what you look like. It is not healthy to keep it all inside and there are so many people at school or even at home that will help you. Don’t be like the kid I was thinking that telling someone could make it worse. In a few years, I will have my own classroom of students and will work in effort to end bullying in whatever school I am lucky enough to teach at. One of my idols Joe Jonas once said, “In this world it’s so easy to hate it, but you should always remember you were chosen to be on this earth, that it’s something special for you.” Make your time here something special and filled with people that are there to help you, not hurt you. Let’s put an end to this.
Stay Strong!
Alyssa Paolella, Connecticut


Hello! Ok well …

My story: I am now 13 I’ve been bullied since about 5 years ago and I still am being bullied! They call me names such as “6 foot” because I’m tall and “Apple” bc my last name is Appel. They also call me lumberjack or big foot. They torment me every day on the bus at school any chance they get! I started to look down on myself a ton and still do sometimes!

Lesson I learned: I learned to always be myself! To not let others define me! I can be me and be proud now, yes, but I still have those days where I hate myself because of the bullies but I’ve learned to overcome that! Demi Lovato inspired me to stay strong and be me!

My thoughts on current anti-bullying programs: I think that many school programs do not necessarily work because many adult or teachers do not see how seriously bullying effects us. Many teachers or adults have not been bullied themselves so they do not know how much it is effecting us kids and teens , and they do not understand the effects it has on us. Also, they do not put as much attention towards these issues as they need to because they do not see the seriousness of the problems. So, the bullying keeps going on and getting worse.

My thoughts of cyber bullying: Yes, cyber bullying is a huge problem along with person to person bullying. It affects kids and teens just as much. I, personally, think that both happen too much and are a HUGE problems. They both effect kids and teens mental, emotional, and physical lives.

Why I want to help: I want to help because I know how it feels to go through this pain everyday and how lonely you feel… I don’t want others to have to feel the same! I want them to know I’m here for them!

How I try to help: I try to help by making two Twitters against bullying to raise awareness (@HlpPreventBully and @PutAnEnd2Bully) I also made a website where people can post their story and not get judged. I have disabled commenting so that nobody can judge them. They can also find ways to help prevent bullying new bullying stories and photos ( the website is http://togetherwestandtostopbullying.webs.com ) I am also in a club called SADD in my school it stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions and we do many bully awareness games, fundraisers, etc in my school.

I want to help let others know they are not alone! That people like us are always here for them of they need to talk! I believe that together we can end bullying eventually!

Stay strong stand tall and keep your head held high,


Please visit Meghan’s website and Twitter accounts if you’re struggling with being bullied or would like to reach out and help others. Thanks for doing all that you do, Meghan. The world is VERY lucky to have a girl like you around! :)


Click here to learn more about the organization Meghan is in called SADD- you may already have a chapter in your school!


Walk a Mile in my Shoes…

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Via Twitter, I recently connected with a 19 year old girl from South Africa named BillyJean (@2gedawecan). I don’t remember who followed who first, but upon reading the description she had written of herself, I knew I had to feature her. For some background info on BillyJean, she describes herself by saying: Up and coming npo (non profit organization) focusing on restoring and uplifting, educating people in a holistic manner, aspiring motivational speaker, empathy is the key to non-judgmental understanding.

She sounds like a cool girl, right? Well, she is! I asked if she would write me up a post about what inspired her to become a motivational speaker and what experiences gave her the drive to develop an organization. Luckily for us, she had a TON of great things to say. While she has been through some tough times, she understands that these times have shaped who she is today and who she would like to be in the future, especially when it comes to helping others. This is the post I received back:

There are many reasons (why I decided to become a motivational speaker and develop a non-profit organization): I was verbally abused. People felt that it didn’t count as abuse, but it does. I was also put down a lot because I’m a plus size girl, but this motivates me so much because we are all human and we deserve to be treated better. I used to feel so terrible when I would eat in front of other people because I wanted to act like, “I don’t get hungry.” That’s what I thought those people thought about me.

I  feel that the society we live in has a big impact on children’s lives. Kids won’t care anymore if they don’t have proper role models. Some fall pregnant in their first year of high school. Often times they lose their goals and objectives and instead, just go with the flow. Kids don’t stand up for what they believe anymore and that’s why I feel somebody needs to restore hope. These issues kids are dealing with like teen pregnancy and other problems are not just problems that are easily fixed. They go emotionally and physically deeper, so we need to reach people not just from their behavior, but from what caused the behavior.

(Regarding current anti-bullying programs/initiatives): To tell you the truth, children need people they can relate to, people who have been thru what they have been thru. The age difference between adults and kids is very important. Don’t have a 40 year old tell a 16 year old that they went through the same thing. Usually young people listen to people, for example, who have went thru bullying, but also made it thru and became a success. For myself, I would feel that if he/she can overcome bullying, so can I. Teachers and adults don’t understand because each generation is different.

(Regarding the good she is doing right now): I am a student nurse, I do volunteer work, I do peer counseling, and home-based care. I started my non-profit organization because I feel people need proper guidance, comfort, and education on prevention. My non-profit organization is different than others because I’m focusing on restoring people from the INSIDE out, with GOD’s guidance.

Thank you.

I encourage you to leave BillyJean a comment. Maybe you have had a similar experience to BillyJean or have thought similar things about various personal struggles, anti-bullying programs, or the good you want to do in the world… Thank you so much, BillyJean!

You can follow BillyJean on Twitter here! :)


From Casey’s YouTube profile:

“I founded The Kris Snary Project in May of 2011 after Kris passed away. We were both bullied but had different outcomes.
I want to help people avoid his result. The world needs more love.
Talk to me at facebook.com/thekrissnaryproject or on Twitter @CaseyInRealLife”

And Casey’s Testimony:

I met Kris while going to college in a small South-Eastern Ontario city. We had a few mutual friends and it didn’t take long before we were able to talk openly to each other about certain things. Just for the heck of it, I used to call him my gay best friend and I was one of his straight best friends. After Kris moved back to his hometown, we lost touch a lot of the time, something I kick myself for almost every day. Coming home to see his name in Facebook obituary-style statuses on October 17th of 2010 was one of the worst experiences many of us here will never forget. 

The Kris Snary Project was formed months later in an attempt to take on bullying and suicide issues while integrating Kris’ favourite thing in the entire world which was music. In May of 2011, four bands (The Dead Sparrows, Unbound, Fingers X’d and Stealing Patience) gathered at our local pub and we fundraised with a concert for a bursary created in Kris’ name (The Kristofur Edward Snary Memorial Bursary).

The video served as an attempt to reach out to friends, family and strangers alike to try and create a connection with them whether they knew Kris or they were bullied themselves or knew someone else going through something similar. There are two versions; the orignal featuring “Invincible” by Hedley and the newer version featuring “All I Know” by Toronto’s Faint Reflection.

Up next, we have a Toronto rock band, Riots and Revelry, going into the recording studio to create a single for the project in order to keep that musical connection while still remembering why the project was started in the first place; Kris.

I can’t tell anyone at this point how to fix the bullying issue nationwide. That being said, after the experiences of the past year, I will say this:

You can tell a child not to touch a stove in case it is too hot but they will likely continue to do it behind your back until they get burnt.
The same thing goes for bullying. You can tell someone not to bully another but they will likely continue when you’re not looking until they feel the burn.

The Kris Snary Project can be found online at http://www.facebook.com/thekrissnaryproject

After such a great post in which Casey talks about The Kris Snary Project, her last sentence really made me stop and think. I would gather that the majority of people in this world know it is not okay to bully others and that it’s not okay to be mean to others, but people still do and they still are. So really, why does it continue? Are there not enough consequences for people who bully others? While laws are getting tougher, should lawmakers start cracking down on individuals who bully/harass/torment others no matter where the bullying takes place, who it offends, or what the bullying entails? Does the fact that Casey’s friend was gay change the degree of punishment or change the way people feel punishment should be handled- does it make the ‘making fun’ of someone okay? I certainly hope not, but are there people out there who would disagree with me? I’m sure there are.  Let’s continue to stand up for what’s right and let’s continue to stand up against bullying no matter WHO the bully or victim is or what they themselves stand for.

What do you guys think? Please comment below!



I would love to be part of this whole website just because I want to inspire kids to stop bullying. I’ve been bullied before and I might know how those of you who are getting bullied feel… Its the worst feeling ever, you feel like you just don’t belong. I was bullied in grade four! Just because I didn’t know how to speak english, I just had moved from Portugal to Canada… I only had 3 friends, but those 3 friends were loyal! They tried to talk me into telling a teacher, but I kept saying no because I thought I would get hit by the bully. I thought I’d be beaten up after school… But one day I got fed up and told a teacher who then went to talk to the principal. My friends saved my life because at one point I was already cutting my wrists… I didn’t feel the pain. But getting bullied made me a stronger person!! It is estimated that over 160,000 children miss school everyday because they fear of getting bullied. Bullying occurs in school playgrounds every 7 minutes and once every 25 minutes in class. Thats way to many cases!! Bullying needs to be stopped now. There are kids becoming suicidal just because they don’t feel in, they don’t feel welcome to the group… They feel like they shouldn’t even be here. Kids who are getting bullied also turn to cutting themselves, that is NOT healthy at all!!
As for anti-bullying programs, the programs at schools don’t really help. I mean, they have one presentation a year and thats it. The schools need more presentations about bullying… The presentations now a days just aren’t really affective. If you know anyone who is getting bullied, help them out. You can always take a few minutes to talk to them, make friends with them, make them feel welcome. Talk them into talking to a teacher at school or if its not happening at school, then talk them into talking to his/her parents!!! I made my video to show that you might not really know someone… You might know their name, or simply how old they are or what school they go to, but its certain that you don’t know their stories! Stop bullying now!! Please.

-Jenniferdemusic / @JenniferDeMusic

Jennifer is a 15 year old girl from Toronto, Canada. She has made that YouTube video to help other kids who have been victims of bullying. Jennifer gives GREAT advice to both kids who are being bullied and to kids who are bystanders– if you see someone being bullied, please help them out. Tell the bully to knock it off or take the initiative and tell a teacher or another adult (even anonymously if you have to). If you’re afraid to do it yourself, get a bunch of friends to do go tell a teacher with you. Believe it or not, you could save a life by just using your voice to stick up for others.

Please check out her amazing YouTube channel here and you can follow her on Twitter here :)  Thanks, Jennifer!!