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March 8th, 2012 | Posted by Jessica in Thoughts | Your Voices - (0 Comments)

Happy (almost) Friday!! I have been SO excited to share this post & video with all of you. I received them from a remarkable girl on Twitter — we’ll call her @SpreadGlitter.  She is an 18 year old from Spain who is on an awesome mission and has a fabulous Twitter name to boot! When @SpreadGlitter first joined Twitter, one thing she became aware of were the number of young people going through really tough times. She decided to contact friends, followers, and other people from around the web and request that they send her images that were meaningful to them regarding bullying, depression, self-harm, and not loving themselves. She then used every single person’s input and put all the images together to create a touching YouTube video. @SpreadGlitter hopes that people realize they are loved and good and that they feel inspired to take time to help other people. Please watch her awesome video and read her testimonial below!


First of all I wanna thank My Kindness Counts for give me the opportunity to talk about the ‘Spread Love Video’. Ever since I made a Twitter account, I have seen a lot of negative stuff about suffering with things that don’t have importance. It isn’t right and all my people have told me that it isn’t right. Thanks to Miley Cyrus I learned how to ‘Radiate love’ :) That last sentence is so important to me, as it has a real meaning in my actual life.

It’s so important to make people feel good because it also makes you feel good. On Twitter, I’ve seen so many people wanting to commit suicide, cut themselves, and ultimately, hurt themselves. I wanted to end everyone’s pain forever, but I know they have to try hard to say goodbye to the mean things people have said to them. So, I decided to do a video ‘Spread Love Video’ to show love. I know how people who have been bullied feel because I have friends who also have been horribly bullied. I had people who bothered me during a few days but thankfully, I could fix the problem (I feel SO blessed).

I think actually some teachers don’t care about bullying because they don’t get involved at the core of the issue: students. They only wanna finish the day, without care if a student is dying inside. Other times, teachers truly are the only people who can help you, they have power to create a good atmosphere. So, if you have any problem in your class, just let them know, they’ll help you!

I think it’s so important to inculcate (instill) in children’s minds to do good things to help others.  Right now it seems as though kids are like: I give you, you give me, when it should be: I give you, and you say ‘thanks’  We should be nice to everybody!!

In conclusion I want to thank all of you who have taken part in my Spread Love Video.  In the comments section of the ‘Testimonies of people who have faced the bullying or they are doing now’, tell me your your history in a few sentences :)

Stay strong!