Stronger: Don’t Let Others Tear You Down

May 10th, 2012 | Posted by Jessica in Thoughts | Your Voices - (1 Comments)

Happy Thursday! I hope you’re having a good week so far. I recently received an email that I wanted to share with all of you. Megan, a 15 year old from Canada, is a super talented girl who writes and records all her own music. She contacted me last week asking me to share this song and video she recorded with a storyline about bullies and bullying. The best part about Megan and her efforts is that while she’s obviously taking a strong stance against bullying with her song lyrics, she is also impacting, inspiring, and encouraging TONS of young people (as per the comments on her YouTube video and Facebook page), which is what this website is all about. Please read her email below and take a few minutes to watch her video, like her Facebook page, or leave her a comment here. She’s one remarkable young lady and I’m honored to share her efforts against bullying on this website!

Hi, I’m 15 and wrote this because of a personal experience. I did the video myself too. I was not going to let them break me. If it shows that it bothers you, they’ll just do it more. I hope my song will help those that are starting to feel torn down — to rise up! Don’t let anyone make you a victim. They aren’t worth it.

I hope my song will give other kids the power “to look right over their heads”. Because in the end bullying is really about power. Why give anyone that satisfaction over you! I didn’t, and I won’t and I hope more and more kids don’t either.



  • Alyssa Paolella

    Megan, what a great voice you have! I really enjoyed your song as well. Thanks for sharing!