“I Do a Great Job”

February 28th, 2012 | Posted by Jessica in Thoughts | Your Voices - (1 Comments)

Happy Tuesday!

I received this email from a girl named Isa last week. Isa is a teenager from Germany who runs an anti bullying Twitter account with a few people she met online (check it out here: @TogetherVSBullying). Her email was short and sweet, but what stuck with me the most was that Isa was able to clearly acknowledge all the good she’s doing to help others with her anti bullying account. Believe it or not, keeping a positive frame of mind and telling herself that she’s doing a great job will definitely help Isa as she continues to focus on being strong.  Everyone and anyone can feel ignored (I still remember feeling that way at times in high school), but I think Isa should know that she’s shining in a BIG way by helping others who are doing through similar things.

Please support Isa by going to her anti bullying Twitter account @TogetherVSBullying.

Hey Jessica, I am a 16 year old school student from Germany that has a lot of experience with bullying and rents an anti bullying account on twitter, @TogetherVSBullying, you might know it.

I rent it with longolisa, ohmyswagger and tyqahbulzay.
I was bullied from 6 till 8 grade and now people ignore me. I am in therapy because of it and i try to focus and to stay strong. I have amazing support from my friends and from my online friends and I do a great job by renting this anti bullying account.
I hope you can mention us and support us,it would mean the world too me ;)
Please tweet us and help us to fight against bullying :D