Hi! I am a 15 year old girl from Kansas and this is my story..

The bad memories of elementary school happened at recess. I remember in elementary school that I was one of the girls who loved to do everything with the guys. I played football with all of the guys at recess and not all of them were thrilled I would play with them. The guys who disliked me playing would show it by not throwing the ball to me even if I was the only one open (this happened daily), but a lot of the guys supported me because they thought I was good at football. Then I remember one of the guys came up to me after I scored a touchdown, and I thought he was going to high-five me, but he ended up pushing me down. I noticed none of the other guys were going to help me out, so I stood up for myself and pushed him back, but he got right back up and pushed me down again. A teacher saw him push me down and he was in a timeout for the rest of recess. I never got in trouble.

Then middle school came and I never really got bullied because I hung out with the popular kids. Then high school was here before I knew it, and all of the people I was friends with in elementary and middle school ditched me, so I was left to find friends of my own. I met some new people and became friends with them, but they started to call me names. Names that referred to my size. I have never been skinniest person in the world, and freshman year in high school I got picked on for it. I dealt with the name calling by my friends for months before I realized there were better people out there. So I got new friends again, and they accepted me for who I was, but I still got called names by other people. Then sophomore year came. At the beginning of the year I remember walking down the school hallway and there would a senior guy who would make pig noises everytime he walked by me. That hurt the most. I never told anyone about that. That also made me start secluding myself from people I dont know! The only people I would talk to were friends and family. I only have a few close friends, but we all love and support each other because we all know we aren’t perfect and we dont try to be.

In my school, if you tell a teacher or someone, chances are the bully would find out and start picking on you more. I come from a school where if a teacher doesn’t see it, chances are they aren’t going to report it no matter what you say. The only people in my school who would deal with these situations are the counselor and principal. The people who get bullied at my school never report it and I wasn’t going to be one of those people who did.

People get bullied everyday and it breaks my heart because I know what they are going through. When I see stories on TV of people who committed suicide because they got bullied, it breaks my heart because I know that was another death that could have been avoided. I wish people could see that bullying hurts and that it needs to stop! Bullying other people does not make you cool! It makes you look like a jerk, so please if you have something bad to say about someone keep it to yourself, and don’t say it!

A little message for that senior guy to think about: