Hello! Ok well …

My story: I am now 13 I’ve been bullied since about 5 years ago and I still am being bullied! They call me names such as “6 foot” because I’m tall and “Apple” bc my last name is Appel. They also call me lumberjack or big foot. They torment me every day on the bus at school any chance they get! I started to look down on myself a ton and still do sometimes!

Lesson I learned: I learned to always be myself! To not let others define me! I can be me and be proud now, yes, but I still have those days where I hate myself because of the bullies but I’ve learned to overcome that! Demi Lovato inspired me to stay strong and be me!

My thoughts on current anti-bullying programs: I think that many school programs do not necessarily work because many adult or teachers do not see how seriously bullying effects us. Many teachers or adults have not been bullied themselves so they do not know how much it is effecting us kids and teens , and they do not understand the effects it has on us. Also, they do not put as much attention towards these issues as they need to because they do not see the seriousness of the problems. So, the bullying keeps going on and getting worse.

My thoughts of cyber bullying: Yes, cyber bullying is a huge problem along with person to person bullying. It affects kids and teens just as much. I, personally, think that both happen too much and are a HUGE problems. They both effect kids and teens mental, emotional, and physical lives.

Why I want to help: I want to help because I know how it feels to go through this pain everyday and how lonely you feel… I don’t want others to have to feel the same! I want them to know I’m here for them!

How I try to help: I try to help by making two Twitters against bullying to raise awareness (@HlpPreventBully and @PutAnEnd2Bully) I also made a website where people can post their story and not get judged. I have disabled commenting so that nobody can judge them. They can also find ways to help prevent bullying new bullying stories and photos ( the website is http://togetherwestandtostopbullying.webs.com ) I am also in a club called SADD in my school it stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions and we do many bully awareness games, fundraisers, etc in my school.

I want to help let others know they are not alone! That people like us are always here for them of they need to talk! I believe that together we can end bullying eventually!

Stay strong stand tall and keep your head held high,


Please visit Meghan’s website and Twitter accounts if you’re struggling with being bullied or would like to reach out and help others. Thanks for doing all that you do, Meghan. The world is VERY lucky to have a girl like you around! :)


Click here to learn more about the organization Meghan is in called SADD- you may already have a chapter in your school!