Hey, guys!  I am beyond excited to share an update with you on Team SWAG’s efforts toward creating an AWESOME anti-bullying documentary. If you aren’t familiar with Team Swag or what they’re about, you can check out the first post I did on them here, but basically, Team Swag consists of five high school students from New Haven, Connecticut (Alisha, Nick, Nick, Mallorie, and Taylor) and four “coaches” who are college students from surrounding universities (Alyssa, Will, Maddie, Susannah). Team SWAG is a part of a larger organization called The Future Project. The Future Project aims to work with kids outside of their normal academics to help them conquer their dreams and passions. Team SWAG decided that their passion was to get the word out about bullying.

So, what has Team SWAG been up to these past few weeks?

1. They have a great new blog to document what they’ve been up to (check it out here!).

2. They have their own Twitter account — Follow them :D (check it out here!).

3. They’re planning a fundraiser to raise money for an organization.

4. As a group, they’ve created this great new video explaining why they’re passionate about tackeling bullying.

Thanks for all your hard work, Team SWAG :)


Alyssa Duffy, Will McPherson, Maddie Marino, and Susannah Benjamin are four college students from New Haven,  Connecticut who work as team coaches with an organization called, The Future Project. The Future Project is a really fantastic organization that aims to encourage and inspire teenagers to turn their passions into realities. To do this, college students from around surrounding cities are assigned to work with a small group of students at their local high schools. Together as a team, students and coaches come up with an idea of what they’re passionate about and what they can do to carry out their passions. Alyssa, Will, Maddie, and Susannah’s group of high school students, awesomely named Team SWAG, decided that bullying was what they were most passionate about and to address it, they would create a documentary highlighting this issue. Through countless emails, Alyssa and I have been thinking that it would be really cool to have Team SWAG be a reoccurring subject on MyKindnessCounts, so count on hearing more from these students and their coaches as they create their documentary. In the meantime, read Alyssa’s email below and watch the short video made the students of Team SWAG (Nick V., Alisha, Mallorie, Nick M, and Taylor) to hear them describe why this issue is personally important to them! Really looking forward to hearing more about Team SWAG!

My name is Alyssa Duffy, and I am a junior in college. I am currently part of an organization known as The Future Project. This organization is dedicated to inspiring high school students, helping them find their passions and to turn those passions into projects. I am one of four “coaches” that work with 5 students to make their ideas a reality. Our team, TEAM SWAG, is determined to direct, film and edit a documentary on bullying. We think that a documentary would be a great way to provide a multilateral view of bullying that will increase understanding of why it happens and from a range of perspectives. The students will be interviewing bully victims, bullies and bystanders as well. Each of the 5 students, in our group have a reason for why they are passionate to make this project a success; whether they have personally been bullied, or not. Together we hope to create a “mini-movement” that shows why just in the past few months there have been more than a half dozen suicides, some of whom did not even reach their eleventh birthday. They also plan on having a blog that has pictures and writings that go along with the entire process.